For starting your own inner journey and discovery, you don’t actually need to travel anywhere. But sometimes it is good to change the familiar surroundings that keep you more easily attached to your old patterns and mind games. I also warmly recommend that you find someone, more experienced to guide you. Why wouldn’t you go and re -treat yourself ( to a retreat)?

There is a one warrior at the moment searching for his lost connection  to his true self, at the desert in Morocco. He didn’t leave his job, or have a chance to travel around the world. But he had a calling to do this particular trip  alone, as it was special and new for him. So he did.  His trip Inspired me to look back my own ”starting point” and share my own feelings/learnings with him for support. It is not a starting point for my self-discovery, but a starting point for an amazing journey. The story then became longer than few whatsup lines, so I decided to share it with all of you also, this time in English, as it was the language I wrote my letter.

When the Time is on you start, and the pressure will be off

And one day she packed her bag and left. Most of them thought she was crazy. She wanted to travel, get away, learn how to really feel, be her true self and allow her emotions to live freely. So she travelled. And travelled..

She saw stars, far away lands, different cultures and met so many new and different people. She loved and was hurt. She learned to love in a new way and in so many ways she didn’t even know that existed. She understood, that the only important language really connecting all people is a smile, looking into the soul of another person through his/ her eyes and a warm loving touch and compassion.

The closer she got to her  own essence, she also saw, how far most people had come from their true self. And that made her sad. But she learned to also see hope through despair and love in hate.

“When you stop living your life based on what others think of you real life begins. At that moment, you will finally see the door of self acceptance opened.” ― Shannon L. Alder

She fell many times, doubted herself and was disappointed. But always got back up, always bit stronger. If she had never left she would have spent her whole life  wondering ”what if.” If she never left, she couldn’t have remembered how important a safe home was for her.

Now she feels an immense gratitude for her life. The fire inside of her is burning stronger than ever. It is a fire for life, fire that seeks true connection and staying true to herself.  The way she perceives and sees things  have changed completely. But she also knows, that the view of the world and what she feels to be her truth now, might change again,  as she keeps climbing up. She is not looking for herself anymore so deeply, yet discovers new things every day. And she might not always still know, who she really is, when the waves of life throw her off from her balance and connection. But she knows, that she will always find her way back.

She also understands that she can not travel for anyone else, fix or change others. Even if she wanted to. She can only point the door, the same way as she has received her own guidance. Even if she still have  doubts at times, learning to trust God (generator, organizer, destroyer) and trust herself have been her biggest blessings.

Every light has a shadow and both are needed. One Shaman said her ones, that there are no such a things as darkness or shadow, they are just different colours one has not yet learned to see. She has seen that mostly the answers and treasures are hidden in the shadows. Keep up and you will be kept up. Pray from your heart and you will be heard. And all the answers are there, inside of you. Trust your journey.


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